Since 1961, the Sangamon County Historical Society, a not-for-profit organization, has been in the forefront of preserving and supporting the history of Sangamon County. 

Society members have contributed to the collection and preservation of local history through the Sangamon Valley Collection of Springfield's Lincoln Library, the oral history program at the University of Illinois at Springfield, and with various publications on area history.

Members have enjoyed a variety of special programming on the varied and important history of Sangamon County. These programs include the monthly guest speaker programs, the "Annual Walk Through Oak Ridge Cemetery," and the Annual Lincoln Colloquium, a conference on Abraham Lincoln.


The mission of the Sangamon County Historical Society is to perpetuate and create interest in the history of Springfield and Sangamon County, and promote educational and literary purposes. 


The Sangamon County Historical Society does not maintain a research library.  All inquires about Sangamon County histories are referred to the Sangamon Valley Collection at Lincoln Library in Springfield, Illinois.  The SVC is the local history and genealogy collection for the city of Springfield and Sangamon County. 

Sangamon Valley Collection 
Lincoln Library 
326 S. Seventh St. 
Springfield, IL  62701 

217753-4900 or email research@sancohis.org

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