Sangamon County Historical Society
Officers and Directors


  • President
    Nancy L. Chapin
  • Vice President
    David Scott
  • Secretary and Historian
    Curtis Mann
  • Treasurer
    Paul Mueller


  • Directors to 2010
    R-Lou Barker
    Elaine Birtch
    Kim Efird
    Sue Wall
    Martha Wolters
  • Directors to 2011
    Jack Alexander
    Connie Locher Bussard
    John Huther
    Jack Navins
    Jane Vetter
    Martha Wolters
  • Directors to 2012
    Tim Krell
    Vicki Megginson
    Bill Minder
    Sarah Thomas
    Roger Whitaker
  • Honorary Director
    William Hughes Diller, Jr.

Committee Chairmen

  • Cemetery Walk
    Paul Mueller & Marian Leach
  • Constitution & By-Laws
    Sally Cadagin
  • Finance
    Connie Locher-Bussard
  • Hospitality
    Phyllis Brissenden & Jane Vetter
  • Membership
    Susan Hammond
  • Nominating
    Carolyn Moore
  • Project Awards
    Elaine Birtch
  • Publications
    John Huther
  • Special Project
    Gil Pilapil
  • Bookseller
    Phyllis Brissenden
  • Historico Editors
    Vicky Whitaker
  • Publicity
    Dorthy Ross
  • Webmaster
    Roger Whitaker