Sangamon County Historical Society
Directors, Officers and Committee Chairs


Executive Board

David Scott

Vice President
Vicki Megginson

Pam VanAlstine

Paul R. Mueller

Nancy L. Chapin



Directors to 2011

Jack Alexander

Connie Locher Bussard

John Huther

Don Springer

Jane Vetter

Directors to 2012

Donna Catlin

James H. Beaumont

Tim Krell

Carolyn Moore

Roger Whitaker

Directors to 2013

Linda Bee

Bruce Beeman

Claire Eberle

Carolyn Oxtoby

Jane Tredwell

Honorary Director
William Hughes Diller, Jr.

 Active Committees
The Finance Committee keeps track of unbudgeted expenditures and report to the Board as to their effect on the budget. The Committee also prepares the Society's annual budget and regularly reviews investments. 

The Hospitality committee establishes the refreshment schedule for program meetings, recruits and coordinates volunteers and assists with the Society's Annual Meeting and holiday party.

The Membership Committee operates in several different areas, from recruiting new members at Society meetings and elsewhere, to monitoring renewals, to developing new member initiatives and membership categories as needed.

The Nominating Committee identifies interested and capable candidates for committees and the board and pursues getting them so placed. The Committee produces a slate of directors and officers each April and recommends candidates for any vacancies that should occur.

The Program Committee develops the ideas for, schedules and coordinates the Society's monthly programs throughout the meeting season. Programs are presented from January through December except during June, July and August. 

The Tours Committee plans historical tours it feels would be interesting and pertinent to Society members.

Project Awards:
The Project Awards Committee develops and coordinates challenge and grant programs designed to promote the study of the history of Sangamon County. 

The Publications Committee develops criteria and guidelines for research material on Sangamon County published by the Society. 

The Booksellers Committee promotes the sale of Society books whenever possible. It also sets pricing and policies on books published outside the Society and monitors the Society's book inventory.

The Publicity Committee keeps media outlets and the general public informed of Society events in a timely fashion. It also maintains a current media contact list.

Historico is the monthly print and electronic newsletter of the Sangamon County Historical Society. The editor is responsible for writing, designing, and coordinating the printing and distribution of the publication.

Committees In Development

Constitution and By-Laws
This committee is on hold pending recommendations from the Long Range Planning Committee


Active Special Committees

Long Range Planning:
The Long Range Planning Committee reviews past and present Society activities and makes recommendations for the future.
David Scott, Chair
Fred Hoffmann
Janice Petterchak
William Siles 
John Weck 
Martha Wolters 
William Vetter 

Sangamon County History Committee
The Committee is developing plans to create and publish a historical encyclopedia of Sangamon County in 2021 for the county's 200th birthday.  
Nancy Chapin, Chair
Cullom Davis
  Bill Furry
Dick Hart
  Curtis Mann
 Sue Massie
Gil Pilapil
David Scott
Tim Townsend
Carl Volkman
Roger Whitaker

Special Committees in Development

Sangamon County Statistics Committee